Jettly: Private Jet Charter app is one of the best air travel apps available. But don’t just trust our word for it; you can look into the following reasons why we claim to be the best in the market:

• It is super-fast
• Real-time updates
• 9,500 aircraft
• Over 1,500 operators
• Great prices
• Attractive and reliable user interface

Now you can book a charter flight through your mobile phone in minutes. With a wide range of options at jaw-dropping prices, Jettly is the king of the aircraft apps.

Whether you are looking for empty leg flights or want to compare prices of various airlines for your business trips; Jettly is your best bet.

Jettly is a game-changer in a sense that unlike other apps, that make you wait minutes to load pricing or timings on their slow algorithms, it provides all the information within a few seconds. That is because at Jettly, we know how precious your time is and we don’t want you to wait.

Travel around the world, through this app with just a few clicks. And we believe in total transparency; therefore, you can check out all the information about your jet be it the cockpit, floorplan, or the cabin height.

What’s more, our flight finder feature is the best of its kind that helps you find the best private flight jets available in real-time. You no longer need to visit various websites and waste several hours searching.

We provide anything and everything you need regarding your traveling issues in just a single app making the process more efficient, faster, and more reliable.

Many similar apps have issues with their payment systems, but not Jettly. With Jettly, you can rest assured that your payment is secured be it through cash or card. Furthermore, the payment process is extremely simple and fast.

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